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Even there is no Bondage in this little report about Kerstin, so I did´n´t want to hide from you at all ... She's a real amateur fetish model and with this little "behind the scenes" she shows once again what a wonderful, natural (and submissive) person she is ... by the way: Kerstin is also back for custom-made videos...We only need your ideas! 

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That's what happens when one hangs out on strange land ... Kerstin wanted to actually watch just an old, abandoned barn - Unfortunately, the barn was not left ...

Kerstin - Back in ropes

Kerstin 10:40 minutes Bondage
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It's a long time ago - but the wait was worth it .. The first of my bondage models is back and she is better than ever. Look forward to a new and exciting videos with Kerstin. In this video, Kerstin wakes up in an unfamiliar environment. Pretty cool for me, indeed! 


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Johanna has indeed already completed a session alone with me, but again I wanted to be alone with her in front of the camera - it is unbelievable natural model and the 2nd Part of this session has again a few surprises in store ... but see for yourself (Part 2 will follow in the upcoming weeks)